Office 365 Package Replay to Mail without isBodyHTML Check


in the documentation from UiPath of Office 365 it statest that there is a possiblity to reply to an email with outlook and a html-type of Body. It is also statet in the Activity, that “If IsBodyHTML is checked, the body must be provided as html”.

In the newest version of the package there is no checkbox on the properties panel though.

@titatarik did you try to upgrade your package or downgrade

yes i tried both

I believe this is because you are replying to a mail, so the body ‘type’ is already determined. The IsHtml property is available on sending a new mail, where you need to decide if it is plain text or html.

Okay, i thought it would be possible to reply to a normal mail with a html-body. Because this would be very helpful in my case.

There is also the opportunity to use “Get Mail”-Activity with html-bodies. But this is no option for me, since it is not really easy to fetch the data or values needed from that mail.

What do you define as a ‘normal’ mail though.
My assumption is that if the mail you reply to is html then the body will be html, if its plain text it stays as plain text.
I don’t see the issue unless you want to convert a plain text mail to html.

Normal would be plain text for me.
My problem is that if i get the mails as html, it is difficult to extract the data needed.

But i guess there is no possibility to

  1. Get Mail as plain text to extract data needed
  2. Answer that mail with a body, which is html

Hey Titarik,

With the new Integration Service Activities you can do both of the actions you are trying to do.

  • The email object has 2 proprieties:
  1. Body → Which is the Body as Plain Text
  2. BodyAsHtml → Which is the Body As HTML
  • On all send/replay email activities you have a Rich Text Builder that helps you to create easily and email. It will be sent as HTML formated without for your to use HTML tags.

For Classic Activities, there was an issue that Is Body HTML disappeared. Can you upgrade to the latest version?

I hope these solves your use cases and answers your concerns.