Excel Application Scope: A column named 'XXXXXX' already belongs to this DataTable

Hi guys,

I’m having this problem some times.

After download the excel file, I try to read it and always give me this error :confused:

The DataTable it’s created on this the read Range only…

Can someone help me?

Hi, @Luis_Clara ,

Not sure if this addresses the specific issue you are facing, but I found this post here: https://forum.uipath.com/t/a-column-named-mark-already-belongs-to-this-datatable/123283

Hi @Luis_Clara
did u get this error when reading the excel file?

yes, inside the excel scope

the problem it’s that I can’t read the excel even :frowning:

Can you open the Excel file in Excel on your own? It may be that there are two columns with the same name in the actual file and that UiPath won’t be able to read the file unless you change one of the duplicate column names in the file. I would check that, if you have not already.



You are getting this error due to duplicate column names in your excel file. Please rename the duplicate columns and then read the Excel file.

Hi @Luis_Clara ,

There are two way to resolve this

1 - Uncheck Add Headers property and use default columns created by bot
2 - Append new name to duplicate column

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