Unable to read a cell containing a formula

Hello all, I am new to this forum.
I am facing an error while trying to copy a cell containing a formula.

The same issue occurs while using the read range.
I am using the read cell and read range under the System>File>Workbook activity.

I am trying to copy I7 and write the value that is =LOWER(C2&"."&D2&"@zurich.com" in Sheet1

Please help!

PS: I do not want to use excel application scope activities

Hy @Rajdip_Dutta,

Why do you not want to use ‘Excel Application Scope’? This is my first recommendation for you.

Try using the write cell activity inside the scope

Please let me know if it works


I have made the entire workflow using System>File>Workbook activities, so I need to change the entire thing. Plus, I would prefer to work on the file without opening it.

Just trying to understand why System>File>Workbook>Read cell won’t work for a cell with a formula. As soon as I replace the formula with a constant term. It works!

Thank you

Hy @Rajdip_Dutta, very gald I could help you

You can use the ‘Excel Application Scope’ without openning the file, just unflag the ‘Open File’ property.

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Thanks it works just fine!

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Very glad I could help you @Rajdip_Dutta :slight_smile:happy automation

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