Package Upload Issue

Hi Team,

Installed Uipath 2021.10.5 version.

I am trying to upload sample package(Single xaml with a message box).
Publish - Publish Options - Orchestrator-Tenant
Published with updated version
But i am unable to see this published package in orchestrator in Package/Processes tab.
What could be the reason ?

Machines Created
Robots Created
Environment Created and Mapped with the bot
Studio showing green icon with Default
Assistant Status : Connected, Licensed

Hi @Robotics ,

As per your message you have already deal with robot and environments in orchestrator.

Could you pls check while publishing you have selected custom or orchestrator. some times mistakenly we will select the custom so that package will be published into local folder. thanks.

Cross verified. No files placed in local folder also.


ok. everything seems fine. Did we select any specific tenant from the dropdown. thanks

Yes chosen like the one below.

Hi @Robotics

Have you tried with add process from the process tab and selecting the package!


Processess tab does not showing this process in the dropdown.