Problem Publish Packages

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with the Publish option in UiPath, i try to publish a project and run it with the UiRobot.

I publish the project and i dont have problem, but when i go to see in Process available in UiRobot, dont appear the Project.

Can anyone help me?

I use the free licensed in the Studio and Orchestrator.

Already read the link , but don’t have solution.

Have you created a Process on the orchestrator, assigned the Package to the process and linked the process to the Environment corresponding with your user?

If not please look at this.

Regards Bob

Hello Bob,

Thanks for answer !

I already done that, but nothing.

Thats what i have, is the project call Proxy

And the Robot-User is also connected to the PwC-Environment?

That work ! Sorry i forget put the robot in that Enviroment, thanks Bob !!

Sorry for the vagueness

Regards, Santi

No Problem :wink:

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