Unable to publish bot to orchestrator

Hi everyone,

I’m unable to publish bot to orchestrator packages instead of it its moving to libraries.

please help me on this

Kindly check your studio is in Online i.e., you are connected to the cloud platform and also while publishing check the “Publish to” options as “Orchestrator tenant Processes Feed”.

Hi @thippeswamy,

Could you confirm how are you trying to publish by going to orchestrator->tenant->packages and manually uploading or via studio publish?

In my view, you only have permissions enabled for libraries but not packages, that’s why.

Could you please go to orchestrator and send me below screenshots?

  1. Role you are assigned at tenant level and folder level.
  2. Then go → roles → edit and send screenshot of that particular role(both tenant and folder level)

Also confirm if you are on modern folders or classic? To verify this, hover on your folders, if outline is blue(its modern), if orange(its classic).

Once you are assigned required permissions, you should be able to publish.


When you created the Project did you accidentally select Library?