Unable to post data in multiple columns of a DataTable

Hello Team!
I’m new to UiPath, and now I need assistance in creating a datatable containing two columns:

  1. A filename and 2. the path for the file.
    I would like the final datatable to look like this:

I’m able to get both the filename and filepath out of the directory (also the ones from the subfolder), but I’m having issues posting the filepath into the 2. column (FilePath).
I can add a data row with both name and path in the loop, but it will only post in the 1st column (FileName), and it will look like this:


The next step in my program is to compare the column with the filename to a different table containing filenames, and if there is a match, the filepath from the 1st datatable has to be used - that’s why I need them side by side.

All help is gladly accepted and appreciated - keep in mind that I’m new to automation, so simple explanations will be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Laurits
After getting the file pathname and filepath

Use build datatable activity

use add data row pass the filename variable and filepath variable to array row{filename.tostring,filepath.ToString}
dont loop it based on for each

Ashwin S

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Thank you very much Ashwin!
Can’t believe it was actually so simple, I definitely learned - and it’s a great example on how the UiPath Forum can give quick help! :smiley:

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