PDF selectors disappear when openning file with start process activity

I am trying to extract data from a PDF file. Somehow it looks that I get less selector options when I open the PDF by using the start process activity compared to when I open the file manually from File Explorer. Reading options are equal. The situation is re-produceable.
Do you have an idea how this could come?

Hello @fzi1,

From my point of view, to avoid the problems with PDF selectors, I recommend to use the read PDF text with Uipath PDF activities and use some string manipulation methods (like substring) to retrieve the information you want.
Also, regex is a very good option to retrieve the necessary information from pdf files.


Hi Vasile,
Thank you for your quick response!
Sure, the Read PDF Text activity would be an option. However, the design of the PDF is not really optimal for using regex & co. Also from a technical perspective, I really would like to understand the difference of starting a PDF manually and get all selectors you could whish vs. starting the same PDF via UiPath and suddenly get different selectors. How can that come? What I am doing wrong?
BR, fzi1