Unable to move outlook email to a folder after forwarding

Hi team,

I’m trying to read email using outlook activities and process it using for each loop. Example:
Step 1: Reading email from outlook using Get outlook mail activity
Step 2: Using For each loop to get each email
Step 3: Forward the email to a mail id using Send Outlook mail activity
Step 4: Move Outlook mail → Here I’m facing an issue. Getting Error saying “You don’t have access to do this”

But when I tried to perform the activity manually I’m able to move the email after forwarding.

Can someone please help me to get this resolved?

Thanks in advance!

is that a shared mailbox and you’ve been given the access?

If so, do check are your able to move manually or not


Try running the the robot as administrator

Cheers @AswinSridhar

Hi @rahulsharma, yes I can able to move the email manually but the automation fails with access error

Hi @Palaniyappan, Thank you for responding! I tried running the UiPath as administrator and Now I’m able to forward the email !! Thank you so much…

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Glad @AswinSridhar
Happy automation

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