How to use ExtractMetaData Field of ExtractData activity

What is the meaning and possible uses and options of the ExtractMetaData Field of ExtractData Activity

When I use the extract table wizard it always seems to give me the following

<extract-table get_columns_name='1' />

Perhaps my larger question is how to have finer control over what table to extract and what to extract

For example … I can use the following selector to extract a table from the screen:

webctrl parentid=‘div3’ tag=‘TABLE’

In this case the table is the third table on the screen … but the order can change

I would like to pull the table based on it’s aaname which does not change instead of the “parentID=div3”

Does my question make sense?

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You should be able to edit the attributes of the selector in UiPath Explorer so that you can remove the ‘parentID=div3’ part and include aaname instead?

Where can we learn more about the attributes? I know how to edit them in the selector but do not know what to use or how to use them in order to achieve what I want.

What would be a good resource to learn more about attributes for selector and metadata?