Unable to install package 'UiPath.persistence.activities' in Uipath Studio V2021.4.1

I am using UiPath community edition version 2021.4.1. I am trying to install ‘UiPath.persistence.activities’ package. Once I click on install button, in right side ribbon it shows status as ‘installed’ but small watch icon appears in front of package and it notifies ‘package to be installed’.

Can someone please help to suggest regarding this?

This issue has been resolved.

That’s great ! What was the solution, did you go through Manage packages ?
Don’t forget to mark your topic as solved so we focus only on unresolved ones :wink:

Hi Hiba, Thanks for your response. I checked manage packages, there I was missing to click on save option in manage packages and that’s why package changes were not getting reflected.
Apologies, I forgot to mark this issue as resolved.
I will do it right away.

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