Uipath.Form.Activities 1.0.1 cannot be installed on Uipath Studio Version 2019.10.4 Community Licence

Hi, Can somebody help me? when I try to reinstall the Uipath.Form.Activities package I got a error says “The Following package(s) cannot be installed: UIpath.Form.Activities 1.0.1”

Hi @Vincent_Batuigas

Are you getting it from the official feed or? Can I see a screenshot of that too?

What are you trying to say sir? I just took that screenshot n my Uipath.

Hi…sorry for the confusion…

What I was asking is, from the package manager that you have right below the error message, in there I wanted to know whether you installed the package from the official package feed or from a beta feed?

Make sense? Or did I confuse you even more :thinking:

I just installed it from the official package feed sir.

Hi …
Did you find any solution to this? I am not able to find this activity package in studio 2019.4.3 under official feed or Go