Unable to install UiPath Official Activities in Manage Packages

Hi I am having trouble installing the UiPath Official Intelligent OCR Activities inside “Manage Packages” in UiPath Studio Community Edition. This happens from time to time so I guess it might be a network issue, what I want to know is if it is possible to somehow download a certain package and install them locally on my machine. Does anyone know this? Thanks in advance!

You have to provide more info. What exactly is happening? An error?


if you are unable to connect with internet you may get issue to connet with myget. below just suggestion not a best practice.

You can refer the following URL Gallery | MyGet and search for the package name and you can download and keep it in your local folder.

eg package path : workflow - UiPath.DocumentUnderstanding.ML.Activities 1.9.1 | MyGet

and you have to keep the package in your local folder path (similar to C:\Users\yourusername\Appdata\Local\Programs\uiPath\Studio\Packages) which is available in the manage packages section to get the package from your local folders. thanks

Yeah Paul, it stuck on “Restoring Dependencies” for a long time, and send an error after like 1 hour or so saying something like “unable to retrieve …”. I didn’t take a screenshot of the error last time and I’m trying again. So I will take a screenshot this time if it still fails.
Thanks for replying!

Thanks Kiran! This is really helpful. The only problem is it’s not quite up-to-date. For example, the latest version of Intelligent OCR Activities I see in Studio “Manage Packages” is v5.2.1-preview, but in Gallery | MyGet it’s 4.17.0-preview (see below). But it’s fine for me as I don’t think I’m gonna be using some new features that only appears in the latest version.

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Yeah i too understood it is not upto date but it is managed by UiPath. Not sure why we don’t have latest packages. just thought from my side. May be parallelly we have to narrow down and resolve the restoring dependency issue permanently. thanks.

That’s because previews are not officially released versions yet. I would not use them in production automations.

It sounds like you are having network issues. It could also be firewall related - you may be blocked from accessing the official repository URL.

If you want to see the previews in Manage Packages, click the filter icon and select “include prerelease.”

Yes you can manually download them and then upload them into Orchestrator (which is one of the default package feeds).

It would appears that the issue is that myget is always not accessible from China, so installing packages via manage package is always kind of annoying and sometimes takes hours even days. And the only thing you can do is retry after retry.

Installing all packages manually seems to be an option, but it’s really a bad experience, especially when you have a lot of packages you need to install before running an automation. So I would really hope that somehow there is a more permanent solution to this issue, an alternative package source for example, for Chinese users to be able to install packages without wasting a lot of time and patience.

Still, thank you for your reply and happy new year!

There are various applications you can install in your environment to manage packages. An example is Artifactory.

No I think the issue here is that since UiPath is using MyGet as the official feed for UiPath-official packages, and MyGet isn’t really working well in China, I don’t think a local repository manager would solve the problem. At least not unless we copy paste the entire “workflow” repository from MyGet and host that locally in China, as well as changing all the dependencies of all UiPath packages to that local host (which I think isn’t really practical without official support).

Additional Information: it would appears that some of the installation failures are because NuGet instability in China, which can be improved by changing the URL setting of nuget.org in Manage Packages to the Microsoft Official China Mirror:
Restarting the UiPath Studio after the change is required.

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