Unable to Install Excel Plug-In

Hi Team,

Just started with UiPath and

using StudioX 2021.2.0-beta.44 Preview version. However, I am unable to install the Excel plug-in. I am currently using Office 365.

I have also tried running the in-built Office Repair Tool with Run Repair Actions but to no avail. Getting the attached error.

Karthik Rajangam

This kind of errors are normally solved by the Repair Tool for Microsoft Office Interop. Please make sure you don’t press only “Generate Repair Plan”, but also “Run repair actions” afterwards:

You can also try an Office Quick Repair from Windows > Add Remove Programs

Hi Flavius,

I have tried Run repair actions also several times. It got executed but did not fix the issue.

However, I was able to solve this issue now after running the Quick Repair of Microsoft Office itself. Thanks for all the help.

Karthik Rajangam