Unable to install Data Manager

Hey there,

I started an Enterprise Trial for the Cloud Platform to try out the retrainable Document Understanding models.

It seems that, in order to train the model, I’ll first need to create a dataset using Data Manager. I’ve been trying to install Data Manager using the available documentation (AI Center), making sure that I meet the hardware and installation prerequisites (Windows 10, virtualization enabled, Docker installed and UiPath plugin for Docker installed).

However, I’m getting stuck at the authentication step:

docker login aiflprodweacr.azurecr.io -u -p

I tried authenticating with my docker account as well as my Azure account, but neither of these credentials seem to work. Instead, I get an error message:

Error response from daemon: Get https://aiflprodweacr.azurecr.io/v2/: unauthorized: Application not registered with AAD.

What am I missing here? And is it even possible to install Data Manager on my machine when using an Enterprise Cloud Platform license? If not, is there any alternative to creating a training dataset for the Document Understanding package?


I have exactly the same issue, @alexcabuz I saw one of your replies on a Data Manager subject, do you have any insight about this ? thanks in advance

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Hi all,

You need to contact your account manager in order to get those credentials.


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Hi Jeremy,
I already have Azure account but still I am getting the same error as mentioned by “avanmeurs” i.e. “Error response from daemon: Get https://aiflprodweacr.azurecr.io/v2/: unauthorized: Application not registered with AAD”

Can you please tell, what should I check with my account manager? Or what access I will have to ask him to provide?

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I think you need these when installing Data Manager

Artifacts Required to Install Document Understanding
Make sure:

  • You received registry credentials from your Sales Executive or from the UiPath Deal Hub team.
  • The Document Understanding API Key in Automation Cloud is active.

AI Center

(it whould be nice if these requirements were also mentioned on the requirement page
https://docs.uipath.com/ai-fabric/docs/prerequisites-data-manager-and-ocr-engines )

Since Data Manager is a part of the Ai-fabric product, I’m not sure wether you also need the Ai fabric licence or if it’s the same as the above credentials.

Artifacts Required to Install AI Fabric

  • An AI Fabric license file provided when you first purchased AI Fabric is required to complete the installation. This file should have been given to you by your Sales Executive or from the UiPath Deal Hub team. If misplaced, this license file can be provided by your customer success manager or our support team. This license file contains the number of AI Robot licenses for your instance. For an explanation of an AI Robot as a licensing concept see About AI Fabric
  • For Production installations, a domain certificate from a trusted CA is highly recommended. If no domain certificate is provided, the application will use a self-signed certificate thus requiring other machines that access AI Fabric (robots/Studio) to add that self-signed certificate in their trusted store.
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Uipath sales team provides the required credentials for installing Data Manager. Ask your sales team for the credentials or contact UiPath support, they will redirect to the appropriate team and provide the credentials.

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Even I am also getting the same error which you have already mentioned. I have pre-checked the requirement to make sure everything has met the prerequisites (Windows 10, Docker installed, UiPath plugin)

I have also entered the same docker login getting the same error. Could you please guide me on how to install the Data Manager.

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Hello @Maneesha_de_silva

Could you please let me know the guidelines? I couldn’t able to install the Data Manager. if you are aware of the things, how to install that, please let me know.

Awaiting for your response

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hi @sriramanmohan
Have you created working folder already?
" you need to create a working folder for each of them (perhaps named “workdir” for Data Manager) and include the path to it in the docker run comand, after the “-v” flag. When doing this on Windows, Docker Desktop will pop up a notification like the one below - you need to click on Share it to proceed. :copyright:"
source: https://docs.uipath.com/ai-fabric/docs/prerequisites-data-manager-and-ocr-engines

Quick update on this:

I was able to gain access to the new cloud version of Data Manager by requesting access through the UiPath Insider portal (https://insider.uipath.com/).
This has worked quite well for my needs, since I mainly wanted to try out the functionality and on-prem wasn’t a requirement for me :slight_smile:


How do we create a working directory?

Hi, @avanmeurs Could you please help me with this. I have used out-of-the-box ML packages which have created 3 folders (document, metadata, prediction) and I have already raised a request to provide me access through cloud AI data manager. They say they do provide it through Tuesday and Friday schedule jobs. Now I want to explore the data manager which will create the input for the dataset and pipeline.

Q1: Where to find cloud access to the data manager?
Q2: Will it create the inputs for the dataset as in the required format?


This was useful Data Labelling/ Data Manager in Cloud AI Fabric

Hey Mustak,

Looks like you’re well underway to setting everything up :slight_smile:

Once you gain access to Data Manager Cloud, you’ll be able to find it under Data Labeling in AI Center. There, you can initiate a new data labeling session where you can annotate the data in your dataset.
You can find documentation on how to work with the tool here.

Once you’re done labeling the data, you can export it back into your datasets to be used as a training set for your document understanding model.

Hope this helps, good luck!


When we purchase a orchestrator license, usually UiPath gave 16digits license code and then we do online activation using uipath activation portal.

for Ai Fabric,do the license we get is the same 16 digits license code same as orchestrator? or i think i have heard UiPath gave some “.YAML” file.


Hi Tommy
For AI Center (AI Fabric) you should receive a yaml file that you will need to upload during installation process.

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I used trial entrerpise license for IA center , I want to use Data labeling , is it necessary to request to access to Data Manager Cloud,?
because actualy data labeling is displaying i did not ask for acess into that ,
but i have problem when i select data

tel me please more about this
thank you lot


I need help about this, actually I configure it but unable to get the result of selection mapping with the fields that i created in document manager of data labeling

can you tell me which issu my be with me please
thank you