How to access Data Manager

My AI Center is on-premisses.
How do I access Data Manager? Do I need to install something on my Linux Server?

I can’t see the Data Labeling option right now.

Hi @Lucas_Ferraz

You need to install the Data Manager, by default it not comes with UiPath AI Center

Please follow the below documentation

Happy Automation

Hey Gopal,

Thanks for the reference.
It seems the application cannot run on the same machine as my AI Center, since my version is 21.4.1, and I need to request a set of credentials to be able to install it.
Seems to me like it is a little bit overly complex for a feature most AI center users will need, should come installed by default.

Well, I’ll get to work. Thanks again!

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Hi guys!
I just wanted to document here the latest explanations I got from support in case anyone else ends up in the topic:

For 2021.4, there is Standalone Data Manager for On-premise [Data Manager]

For 2021.10 , Data Manager comes with Aicenter. No need to install it separately. [Data Manager]

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