Unable to incremental refresh in tableau uipath go

Hii All,

I connected uipath orchestrator data with tableau as procedure mentioned in uipath go tableau documentation. But the data is not getting refreshed incrementally even manual refresh is also not working. Can anyone helps to fix this…


Hey @syed1994

Are you getting any error or what happens when you try refreshing the data?

Orchestrator data to tableau in the sense you are displaying the data of orchestrator in Tableau? Is it? Can you give the brief explanation of what data it is? If you have any changes in the data, it will be reflected when you do incremental refresh. Please post some clear steps to understand the issue :slight_smile:

It shows as unknown failure as i am able to to refresh the data in tableau desktop while puplished it to the server i am not able to refersh…

yes, i am connecting orchestrator data to tableau using tableau uipath go activity. In that i successfully connected orchestrator data to tableau. The problem is i am able to refresh data in tableau desktop but i am unable to refresh it in tableau server. while clicking on refresh it shows the same data.