How to work with tableau in uipath

In uipath go we are having package for tableau cn anyone explain how to work with it.

Hi @syed1994,

I hope this custom activity will help you.Here is the link.

Here is one thread as well.


Can you please explain the step by step procedure for connecting uipath and tableau

Hi @syed1994 - It’s a direct activity you can directly use that just check for dependencies

  • Tableau Desktop (ideally 2018.2 and up, at least 10.5)
  • Orchestrator 2017.1 and up
  • Orchestrator SQL Server rights (read data rights, rights to create views)
  • Orchestrator SQL Server URL and authentication information
  • The Tableau environment must be able to access the SQL Server environment

and you will find steps on the documentation tab as well.


Bro in uipath go we are having a package available for tableau do u know how to use that.

Hi @syed1994 Apologies for the late response but the answer for the official activity is no but you can use these custom activity but they are more like API activity.

Hope it helps.


hii i connected tableau with uipath orchestrator but i am unable to refresh it i also did incremental refresh

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Just wanted to know if your problem on how to work with tableau in UiPath is resolved? Need some guidance here with the same, if anyone has got any examples or explanations with practical implementations.
Would be a great help!