Queues overview in Orchestrator doesn't show remaining Items

Hello all!
We have a problem with our Orchestrator: In the overview-page ‘queues’ the Orchestrator doesn’t refresh the no. of remaining items:

When I click on 'view transactions I have some with status ‘new’ in my queue and this is right, we have some items to work:

Clicking on ‘refresh’ in the queues overview has no effect.
We are using Orchestrator version 2019.10.17 on our server.
Has anybody an idea what causes this problem and how to fix this?

Thanks for Your Help!


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Pls check this thread

Cheers @mm1904

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Hi @Palaniyappan
thanks for your reply. I didn’t find the thread you mentioned, when I was searching in the forum. But now I will keep in mind for future problems.
Our Orchestror-Server and an other server had to be restarted, that solved it.

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