Unable to identify text in Web Page

I could not capture the Employee Name using Click Text or Click OCR Text using Google OCR. I read through the blogs and tried with Invert option or changing scale but that did not help

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Maybe because there’s a space in “Employee Name”
Try to identify separate words and get coordinates to click on that part of image.

Or just search “Employee” and count number of matches inside image, provide the desired match number (would be match #1)

Buddy @rvuyyuru

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You can use click image activity buddy here that would work for sure
Scrape the region of Employee Name and that would search for that image in that page and click as well
Try this and let know buddy whether this works or not

Were you able to click that buddy @rvuyyuru

@asesor-rpa, @palaniyappan - It worked once using Scrape method. Now its giving me Null Reference Exception error. Object reference set to Null

With Click Image I am getting script is attached to the image pop up when I say yes it shuts off the operation

So i take it the scrape is only working in the wizard screen? I’d suggest to write line the scrape and adjusting your selector as the page may change identifiers within each iteration.