Not able to identify an element in Google Finance Page

Hi All,

I need to get the text which is highlighted in the screenshot for the multiple companies but I am not able to create a selector which will work for all the companies share price. I am struggling in this from past 5 hours.
It will be very helpful if anyone knows about this.


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Use Get Text Activity and indicate that element to read the value and will give you output as String.

And also check the selector of that you will find the value in the selector and replace that value with wild card ‘*’. Then it will read for any company.

@lakshman - I have already tried this :unamused: but it is not working.

Buddy @anmolk171
Kindly use Screen Scraping option from design menu
–select the text you want to scrape using this option and get with full text or ocr
–try to make the dynamic attributes replacing with wildcards *
to check the dynamic part, select two different number with selector and check which attribute is changing and replace that with *
this will work for sure
Cheers @anmolk171

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Could you please show me screenshot of your selector once.

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Sometimes it is the browser . Can you please try to grab in some other browser.

Also I would suggest to first use UI Explorer and see whether you are able to select the element.

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@lakshman- Screenshot is attached.
@Palaniyappan - Buddy I have tried this methodology as well but not able to achieve the result.
@mukeshkala - I have to use Chrome browser only.


Where you attached ? I didn’t see any selector screenshot here.

My bad. I have just attached it.


Try like this:


Not working.

change the aaname value *
like this
aaname = ‘*’
and remove the parentid attribute by unchecking that above
Cheers @anmolk171

Not working.

**Not so Recommended Approach **

Relative Scraping is a technique that enables you to retrieve text from UI elements by using OCR technology. In situations where selectors cannot be found, the target UI objects are identified by using image recognition activities to look for adjacent labels or other elements.

Are you getting any error or it is just blank output?
Are you using Chrome in Incognito window?

No. But it is returning empty string.

Fine enable the parent id and try with the same buddy @anmolk171

Still not working.

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