Unable to identify object within data grid of WindowForms10.Window

I am trying to identify a row within data grid present on my desktop application. I am opening this application via citrix. I am able to successfully select other elements present on this windows application but not when it comes to a table/grid.

When I look at the selector, I see following:

I have seen other topic where i saw the suggestion to open uipath with admin rights but i don’t think that’s the issue here as i am able to select other objects on the same window successfully.

Hi @Vikramjeet_Singh,
Open it in UiExplorer so you will be able to see more parameters related to object which can be used as well as you can create an anchor selector as well.

I did go through UIExplorer but no success. I was able to find the node which highlights the required table grid. I went through all the child nodes within that root node but none of the children have any of the data. It’s as if the data is invisible to it. I am wondering if i need to add any additional dependency.
if you look at the screenshot below, that client node is what highlights the required table, but none of the child nodes have any of the data elements present within.

In that way seems that this form is not fully compatible with UiExplorer. I mean maybe MS used some different methods to display some elements. You can work with OCR-based activities for them as a workaround solution.