Unable to find Custom Activity in Uipath Studio

I have an existing DLL which is used in Automation Anywhere and the same dll i want to use in uipath but in the code(visual studio) i didn’t use any code activity and override method and the code itself completely c#
As per observation without use CodeActivity and Override void execute methods in the code i am unable to find the custom activity which i created but if i am using Code Activity and Protected override void execute method i can able to see that customactivity in uipath studio.

so i don’t have rights to change the code only i should use the same Dll in uipath.
So any ideas or suggestions on the issue.


As per my understanding –
In Automation Anywhere you can directly use .dll under meta bots section and all the belonging classes and methods will be available for you.

But, In UiPath you have to convert .dll into nuget package to use it. For more details, please check this link -

Hope it will help you.

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