Unable to get text number from excel cell in automation (a seemingly simple task seems impossible :()


I have an automation to download a few excel sheets from SAP (attached sample).
Utilization_line_4500006228_10.xls (75.8 KB)

In each excel sheet, it shows the consumption value for each purchase order, culminating in the total “value released to date” figure at the very bottom. Within each excel sheet I need to “get text” from the total figure cell in the “Value Released to Date” row:

I have tried the [Get Text] function, clicking the total value as the target, with anchor in the cell stating “value released to date” as shown:


I would think the robot would be able to recognize “value released to date” but when I run the work proces the robot is always unable to get text. I always get these errors:


Notes (not sure if this affects the solution/workflow outcome?):

(1) Whenever a human or robot opens the excel sheet, it opens to the very TOP of the excel sheet with columns closed (not sure if this affects the “Wanda” cum "Computer Vision :slight_smile: ). Furthermore, The robot seems to only work if a human manually scrolls the tool-bar down so that the robot can VIEW the “value released date” row in order to get text.

(2) As these excel sheets are downloaded over time, the number of rows in each excel will increase (with each order raised), the KEY goal is still to get the TOTAL value.

Conclusion plea: appreciate your kind advice to teach me how to resolve this :slight_smile:

Sorry I am a dummy using StudioX 2020.10.6 enterprise license windows installer, appreciate that solutions be simple and using whatever limited activities I have in this newbie version of StudioX. If you need me to provide info (i.e. error messages etc.), please explain in your request HOW i can access such required information, so I can best assist :slight_smile:

Hello @Chaaza ,

Will the value be present at H column always?


Hi Master Athira,

Yes the required value is always going to be in column H, as that is pre-programmed in our SAP software. Thank you.

Hello @Chaaza ,

You don’t have to use UiAutomation for this, can use excel automation.

  1. Use a read range and read the excel and store the output
  2. Use filter datatable and filter with column(1)= “Value released to date”

  1. From the output of filtered datatable, get the value by FilteredDatatable.Rows(0)(7).toString

Attached the xaml for your reference:
Main.xaml (10.5 KB)


Hi Athira, thanks for the message. Alas I do not have the read range function in my uipath:

I’ve tried sort range, but that doesn’t work.

Furthermore, if I were to switch from UiPath Studio X to Uipath Studio, yes I am able to magically find 2 Read Range activities, however they look nothing like the read range activities you kindly presented earlier:


(1) The Excel>Read Range looks like this, there are no similar selections like in your screenshots or workbook.


(2) the workbook>read range looks like this:


It seems that there are a myriad of versions of uipath, making it very difficult to achieve practical solutions to automate office activities :frowning:

Wonder if there might be a solution using what tools I have in my uipath?

are you able to update studiox? on newer versions, Get Text should work also.
On the version that you have, i see by the graphics in your pics that is a very old studiox, get text was not meant to work well on excel files.

in newer versions you can use read cell, read range, get text …
try to update, the newer the better