Unable to extract table data from PDF using generative Extractor

Hi All,

I want to extract table data using generative extractor.

I have created a taxonomy and defined the Table field with column names. please refer the attached screenshot.

To provide a prompt, generative extractor is not displaying the field Table and its column names. It is only displaying the document type (Which is PDF).

Please help me if I am missing something

Thanks in advance

Hi @pradnyajadhav0712 ,

Please refer following thread to know how to extract table using generative extractor.

Hi @Mohan_Reddy, Thanks for your response.

I referred the video but In that Lahiru has used Extract Document data Activity. I want to use the Generative Extractor. Both are the different activities.

I don’t have UiPath Studio version 2023 so, I can’t use Extract document data activity. This activity is not working in 2022.10.5 version. So, I am trying Generative extractor activity which will work in 2022.10.5 studio version.

Please let me know how I can retrieve table data using Generative extractor.


Hi @pradnyajadhav0712

After your post I have tried from my end and generative extractor was not extracting table for me also.

In the above video he is explained alternative methods to extract table data

Hi @pradnyajadhav0712 ,

Recently I found some alternatives to extract the table data using the generative extractor.

You can extract it as text and later you can convert it into data table refer following images

Hi @Mohan_Reddy,

Thanks for your response!
I will try it.

Hi @Mohan_Reddy,

I think the screenshots you shared are of Extract document data activity.
Extract document data activity is able to retrieve the table data but still I am not getting table field prompt using generative extractor.