Parse PDF to retrieve tabular data

I need to process PDF which has multiple tables. Data scenario is as below:

  1. Data section’s start position is not fix. In next PDF, data may be at top of the page or bottom of the page.
  2. Header for the table is only on page1 but subsequent pages don’t have header row.
  3. Read the data from both the pages and save to one single excel worksheet.

I have tried multiple ways to retrieve data but no success yet. Attaching sample data PDF - I need to retrieve data for “Rate Types” from it. “Rate Types” section data is starting from page1 and continue in page2.
Form extractor is working on first page only but not able to retrieve data from next page.
Extract Document data activity with ‘Generative’ extractor, also not giving me proper data. It is giving data as below:

Can you please help? Which is best method to retrieve data from this kind of PDF?
SampleData.pdf (203.8 KB)

I would use Read PDF text with Preserve formatting, followed by some string manipulation. U can determine where the first table rows start and then u can see where the second page starts by the “https://abc” URL followed by More details dollars." I think u get far by Splitting on new line and building ur logic that way.

Thanks for response! Data may be in next pages as well. Currently Sample PDF has Name value in single or in 2 lines but it may have in 3 lines as well. Please suggest how to cover that data scenario with string manipulation.
Extract document data with Generative extractor is retrieving data from next page so it should automatically cover 3rd page if ‘rate types’ data also in 3rd page, just it should return data properly.