Unable to extract PDF Dynamic data

Hi ,

i want to extract customer Id from PDF.
that is dynamic so using anchor base .

tried with both find element as anchor and find image still not getting the desired value.

attching the xaml.pdf_extract_issue.xaml (13.0 KB)

Hi @Abhinavpandey

Try changing Get text to Get Full Text or Get OCR Text

tried both Full Text and Get OCR Text .

attaching the updated xaml and pdfpdf_extract_issue.xaml (13.9 KB)

Session_10_exercise_1_NPO_1_perfect_match.pdf (95.7 KB)

pdf file

Session_10_exercise_1_NPO_1_perfect_match.pdf (95.7 KB)

if you use screen extraction?

But the Customer Id is dynamic . for all the pdf we need to fetch all different customer ID.

Using this way extracted the ID Customer

indicating the anchor and where to extract the information

@Abhinavpandey are you able to identify the customer field. Are you opening the file in browser or adobe.

here it will show when you scan it using OCR but on putting it inside the anchor base . It is not working. if for you its working please share xaml

hi @ezharul.ansari ,

i am able to identify the customer ID and used highlight activity to cross check it.

attaching the xaml filepdf_extract_issue.xaml (17.4 KB)

which activity u used to extract this


I am using adobe to open pdf file

@Abhinavpandey it is know problem which I faced long back.

You can try below option and check you are able to identify the field uniquely, to make this work you need to include below steps in you bot code.

From Adobe Click on Edit > Change Reading Option > Click Start