Unable to extract details in to excel

I have created a new document Type for passport in Taxonomy Manager and wrote extracted result into excel. But excel sheet is empty. The same workflow works fine for Invoice.

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Hi Buddy @Aathira_Ajayan

Kindly check once with the extracted result by writing it to the output panel with write line activity
–hope it would be type datatabtle. So to convert it to a string use OUTPUT DATATABLE activity and pass the datatable variable as input to this activity and get the output with a variable of type string
–then pass this string variable as input to the write line activity so that it would display us the extracted datatable result.
This will help us whether the data is extracted or not
if extracted fine, we need to check with how it is getting inserted to excel or if not getting extracted we need to check with the activity that extracts the data

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Aathira_Ajayan

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Thanks for the tip. Now it is possible to write data into excel.

One more doubt.How can we train fields in a particular document type? So that we get the required data before the validation itself. In case of passport the extraction results are empty, after validation only we get the results.


I didn’t get this buddy
Kindly come again once
Cheers @Aathira_Ajayan

I mean output of “Machine learning Extractor” activity is empty. We get data only after “Present Validation Station” activity for document (passport) that I created in Taxonomy Manager.

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Me also using the same activities. I mistakenly given one purchase order instead of invoice. But it is detected as a invoice. Why it is like this? It should through an error in that situation…right??

Refer the below please, It explains all about the “extraction”:

Hi @Palaniyappan, @Aathira_Ajayan

Would you please help me to understand, how we can save the extracted invoice data into Excel sheet in this DataExtraction_MIExtractor Example.

I have a knowledge on building Data table and Add Data Row activities to save the Items. Just Confused how to get these extracted values into Variables.


Please try with export extraction results activity and output data table.
let me know if this is helpful:

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By taking the Present Validation Station Activity Output Result I am able to save the Extracted Data including the Human modifications into Excel file.

Great…Thanks for letting me know that…Please mark the comment as solution, so that others can also use it.

Can you show me how to extract the output values in for each loop

But it will open taxonomy manager window every time right(i mean every document)?

even the document format is same, we need to indicate the fields again?

@winningvish, i am able to result into excel file, can you please share the workflow @Thanks

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@winningvish how did u retieve the values in items

In the field Item, you need to type “items” for get your description and quantity


Thank you it worked

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