Writing data to excel

I have extracted the required data from an invoice using document understanding and I have exported the results to excel sheet but the excel sheet does not show all the headers that have been extracted form the invoice.

So can someone please help me with this issue

@seemajethe02 Are you using a Present Validation Station Activity ?

yes and the validation station shows all the data that has been extracted

@seemajethe02 Are you using the Output of Validation Station as the input for the Export Extraction Results Activity?

yes I am using the validation results as input for exporting the results

@seemajethe02 Ok. Can you Skip the Present Validation Station activity part and directly use the output of Data Extraction Scope as the Input to Export Extraction Results and check if you’re able to get all data ? This is just for Testing

ok I will try and let u know

Without using validation station I am getting all the data that has been extracted from the invoice.

And the fields which i have extracted from the invoice includes invoice number date and a table

can u please help me with this

@seemajethe02 It is Strange that you get it in this way, I’m not sure why exactly. Might be because of the confidence levels. Have you checked the confidence levels in the Present Validation Station.

Also the first Screesnhot and the Screenshot of the data without Present Validation Station looks the same :sweat_smile:

I have not set the confidence level

what is this confidence level used for?

Is there any other method to extract the required fields form the invoice?

@seemajethe02 As I understand you were able to get all the data Without Present Validation Station Activity right ? So you must be able to get if you have used it as well. Let me tag the right person that you can clarify it with. @Ioana_Gligan will be able to help you out.

I am getting all data but the issue is the excel sheet does not show all the extracted data.

@seemajethe02 What is the last Step that you have used to Write the output to Excel ?