Data Extraction using Machine Learning Extractor

Hi All,

I am doing Hands-on on the AL and ML feature of uipath. Please forgive me if my doubts are very basic as I am new to this.

  1. Is there a way to train extractor to extract required information. As currently out of 7 fields, I am getting only 3.
  2. How can I get the extracted data from the invoice into an excel sheet?

I tried JSON to CSV converter, but the output is not satisfactory.

I am attaching my workflow for reference. Please suggest.

Thanks in advance.DataExtraction - ML (168.2 KB)
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Regarding point 2 -

Karthik Byggari

Thank you for your response. Could you please let me know the missing activity in the file:

DeserializeJson activity.

Hey @Anamika15

Training is not possible for now, the models are available as is.
Currently the machine learning models are pretrained.
Currently available model contains a fixed amount of fields that it can find.
It is supposed to be improved in the future versions though.

Training the models on premises on arbitrary documents capability Uipath is planning for Q1 2020

If you have any kind of ml model you built yourself and would like to train, the scopes you found are perfect for it. But you have to provide your own custom training activity for the model you have built yourself, for now.

To achieve it simply just you can use Export Extraction Results Activity which will return you Dataset(DataTableCollection) and by using index of Dataset you can right it into an excel or csv directly.



Note- Better to use Flexicapture layout approach if you do not wanna create own ML model and so .

use Regex based ML extractor with ML extractor.


Thank you for the information :slight_smile:

Hi Anamika. Is there an enterprise version available for this AI-ML extraction model?
Also, will it works if the invoice have multiple pages.
Do you have a working sample for me to get a better understanding?

Hi Anamika!
I’m trying to do exactly what you have done here.

Since it’s been a year since you posted, can you share what updates you’ve come up with so that I can see what you’ve done? I’m a newbie to UiPath and RPA in general but I love this type of stuff and would love some help along.

Would you mind sharing your progress over the last year, would you mind sharing what you have today?
Either post it back here or if you wouldn’t mind, emailing me directly:

Thank you for your consideration!