Exporting the output of Machine learning extractor into an existing file excel

Hello All,
have created a, process witch get data from pdf where i used the Machine learning extractor activity. Once the machine learning is done, i want the output of the Data extraction scope to be exported as excel (into existing one). or at least if possible i want each fields to be stored separately in variables of respective variable type. Example i am extracting vendor name, invoice amount, invoice date with the Machine learning extractor, and i want the output of these three fields to be extracted to respective variables. how can this be done??

thank you

Hi @nora_ziani

Please use an Activity called "Export Extraction Result " after the Data Extraction Scope Activity.

The output of the Export Extraction Result is Dataset which contains tables.

After Export Extraction Result you can have a read range and write extracted results to excel as “Dataset.tables(0 )” or Dataset.tables(1).


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with dataset(O) we get just the first row

but i want to get every value separately from that dataset.tables

To get the Specific Data from the Excel use “Read Range” Activity and use For Each Row and use
assign activity and make as “row(0).tostring” or row(“columnname”).tostring .