Unable to execute a workflow with silverlight


We are facing below mentioned issues while executing a workflow using the Silverlight based application. Kindly note that the application has been designed in a way to protect the security of the data being passed into the system.

Issues Faced:

• Image based automation fails at multiple points during multiple executions
• After installation Silverlight plugin, we are unable to capture object properties of the target Silverlight application.
• When we attempt to perform the coordinate based clicks, system fails to perform at desired coordinates.
• “System out of Memory Exception” is thrown intermittently while executing the task (Error screenshot attached for reference).
• Unable to select item by values read from excel into the dropdown options of the silverlight applicatiion.

System Config:
Processor: I3 2.00 Ghz
OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit


Have you installed the SilverLight Extension on Uipath?



Hi Lucas,

Yes have already installed the silverlight extension with admin rights.