UIPath treats desktop application as one object, cannot identify objects within


I am trying to automate a workflow in a desktop application (HIX by Chipsoft).
I can open the application file and perform a login.
Once the application is open, UiPath doesn’t allow me to select any objects within the application.

See attached, the entire screen is seen as one app:

I believe it is based on .NET as the application contains libraries pertaining to that, but I’m not 100% sure.

Have tried selecting different UI Frameworks (Default, UI Automation, Active Acc.), but that makes no difference.

Do I need specific plugins or extensions? Any other options?


May be it can be a silverlight application as well which is a windows frame aswell…

Can try with that extension…

Also not sure if this would be of any help but can try using microsoft remote desktop and apps as well…mostly might not be useful…just a kind of extra verification


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I’m getting the error that I need to install Silverlight Developer Runtime 5.1.05918 but Silverlight is out of support according to Microsoft, can’t find the installation packet.


Please check this


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Hi @dyvo Not identifying elements mostly happens few of the with desktop applications. Few possibilities to avoid this issue

  • Try using APIs rather than going with UiAutomation
  • If it is a simple steps of process, then give a try with CV activities


Unfortuntaly we don’t have an API for this application.

Computer Vision might be an option, but using ‘regular’ element-based selector seems more safe. I’ll give it a go.

Sure @dyvo

I’m 99% sure it’s not a silverlight app. the links to the downloads in that forumpost also seem to be dead unfortunately.

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Hi @dyvo,

  1. Check if the HIX application is compatible with UiPath: Some desktop applications are not designed to work with automation tools like UiPath. You may want to check with Chipsoft to confirm if the HIX application is compatible with UiPath.

  2. Use image-based automation: If all else fails, you can use image-based automation to interact with the HIX application. Image-based automation involves using images to identify the objects within the application. This method is less reliable than using selectors, but it can be useful if the application is not compatible with UiPath.

Examples of desktop applications that may be challenging to automate include:

  • Legacy or custom-built applications that use non-standard UI controls or user interface frameworks.
  • Applications that heavily rely on graphical elements, such as images or videos, to convey information or perform actions.

@dyvo How did you eventually handle this? Are you using CV or did you find another way to automate this?

I’ve used CV for this application. It works, though I prefer defining object the ‘old fashioned’ way, sometimes CV can be a little wonky.