Silverlight Problem

I am trying to automate a Silverlight based web application. I am unable access natively. I have installed Silverlight developer, I have Silverlight extension.

weird thing is when I restart the system. only few minutes I will be able to access the element natively. after few minutes back to normal. I wont able access element which is captured initially.

Please advise.

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Can you look at your running processes from task manager when you automate/spy/at startup
I do you remember a similar issue where I needed to stop another application/process which was using silver-light library used by the UiPath extension.

Maybe trying to stop one of those can resolve the issue.


  1. Windows.ini should be present in following folder
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Silverlight\ [Silverlight installed directory].
    Note- This file is pushed by UiPath extension to the above said folder

Also note if extension is getting removed automatically then you need restart the system and install it again

No other application is running while I try to automate