Unable to enter data in excel after running app


I have created UiPath app from orchestrator and link with backend UiPath script.
when i test manually using studio it is working properly but when i start form app data is not reflecting.
so basically app is like to sign up for user and data which user will enter to page will go inside excel.

orchestrator process is attached to app and all variables are assigned.
below is UiPath script

while running app whichever email id is entered is properly showing via message box but issue is it is not entering in excel.

not sure where is the mistake
please help me on same.


When running the bot from orchestrator the data.xlsx file is not stored in the location you expect…

It stored in the working directory which is different from the working directory when running from studio

Please use absolute path like the fullpath of excel so that it gets created in that location and you can verify


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