UiPath Apps with Excel

Hi , My requirement is that two excel sheets and one image should be created in project folder when program is run from Uipath Apps.
when I run my program from Uipath Studio, it gets done perfectly
Issue is, when the same is run from Uipath Apps, excel sheets not generated in the project folder. Anyone please help asap.

Hi @Jeyalakshmi_KS

When you run your Automation without using the App, do you pass it any inputs?

And are you passing in the same parameters from the App to the Automation when running from the App?

Arguments are used to pass input from Apps to studio. While running from studio itself,i just hardcode it in assign activity (which i disable later when running thru apps).

Yes, same parameters are used

Sorry is your App deployed? How are you communicating from the App to the automation?

I just publish my app from orchestrator and try to run my program.

I just publish my app from orchestrator and try to run program from there.

No, the automation you developed in Studio. Did you deploy it ?

Yes published and added the process in Orchestrator

Can you post screen shots of how you are calling the automation in the App?

Please find screenshots. Kindly let me know if you don’t understand anything

When you start the process from apps, do you see any error? is the job executing successfully?

Sruthi YNM

No, I dint get any errors.

P.s forgot to update here… the issue is fixed … Uipath apps couldn’t complete write range activity when just file name is given like we give in studio. It expects the full path to be given. Somehow solved the issue. Thanks everyone for your support.

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