Error in excel Data is not showing after run the Bot

Hello Uipath Family,
I have an error, it is not an error but when we are filling the data from the orchestrator using the forms. the data is not showing in the local excel file, but the robot is running fine and it’s showing the robot is filling the data but when am saw in the local file it’s not showing.

see hear when the robot is running on that time it’s showing the data check bellow

Please help me!!!
I hope I get a solution from anyone.

Thank’s and Regards
Chethan P


Use Save workbook at the end of process and try.

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No, Still it’s showing the same
Hear the number of columns is 2 but it’s not showing in my local excel! WHY?

Is your process runs successfully

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yess its working fine

you can see in my post previous i post screenshot u can see there

You are using excel scope right?


thats strange

Try one thing after all things use again application scope and then use read range and look for no of rows

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hear in this I use no of employees I did the same things but I don’t know why it’s coming like this

have tried the things which i have mentioned

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But its showing no value

Main.xaml (10.0 KB)

Looks everything fine :thinking:

Add hotkey Ctrl+s at save workbook any try once

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i think in excel we have to change any setting

Excel Application scope will save whatever you changes made
we also checked auto save opt
Try this once

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it was checked only

Yes just add one hotkey for “Ctrl+s”
Lets see is there any pb or not

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No still its not showing

will you please share the entire workflow
from where you are getting this data which you are storing into excel