Unable to deploy Process to orchestrator Error: Cannot connect to packages feed, the URL may be invalid

Hello All,

I am currently enrolled in UiPath training and I am unable to deploy a process in orchestrator.
I have successfully connected the bot to my local machine and setup an environment, with the below settings:

Machine Name: LAPTOP-MSP3DH6Q
Robot Key: e68732b6-7605-4952-8a63-906ba434675e
Orchestrator URL: https://platform.uipath.com

I have published a number of processes in Studio but when I attempt to deploy them I get the below error:
“Cannot connect to packages feed, the URL may be invalid”

Any suggestions or advice is much appreciated.


Take a look. Can help you.


Hi Balamurguran,

Thank you for your response. From the feed you have stated that I ‘ can get the robot path’

At what point do I need this information in order to connect to the packages feed?



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Hi George, a very good day

How did the issue resolve ? I’m facing the same challenge as you were.

Got the solution


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I am also facing this issue .