Orchestrator error: "Cannot connect to package feed, the URL may be invalid."




I’m doing the Level 2 - Orchestrator 2018.1 Training and in practice 3 “Publishing your first process” I’m stuck in the “create new process” step. After clicking on “Add” on the processes page in the orchestrator (https://platform.uipath.com/processes) I get the following message “Cannot connect to package feed, the URL may be invalid.”
I’ve searched the forum and the internet and I can’t solve the problem, so I can’t continue with the training.
Does anyone have any idea on how to solve this issue?

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Hi @jordi.pique,
Kindly check the Orchestrator URL used while connecting the robo with orchestrator in robo tray.

For you the Url should be https://platform.uipath.com

Hope it helps



Hi, Jyotsna.

Thanks you for your quick answer.
Unfortunally it doesn’t work. I was using that URL as it is explained in the course materials (also in the field “Deployment URL” in the “Deployment” tab inside the “settings” options)
What it seems weird is that the status of the robot (locally) is “Connected, licensed” and in the Orchestrator the status is “Available”. Also the practice regarding the use of queues has worked perfectly, so the robot and the orchestrator somehow are “talking” correctly.
By the way, I see that I’m using version 2018.2.0 of the robot (instead of 2018.1.2 that is showed in you screen capture)


I am also facing this same error and I couldn’t find out the answer


I’m also facing the same error. Any suggestions ?

Weird part is, when i’m publishing the package from UIPath Studio, the publishing is successful. It is only at the Orchestrator that i face this error

Found the solution

If you are a Community Edition Orchestrator user, you also need to create your own feed in MyGet, and provide the URL feed and its API key in the Deployment tab, in the Settings tab.
If you use a private MyGet feed, please use the URL provided under Your pre-authenticated V2 URL (no basic authentication) . Please note that this is not a free service from MyGet.

ps: It took me two days of deep-diving into documents to get this info. Hit a like if this saved your time

Unable to deploy Process to orchestrator Error: Cannot connect to packages feed, the URL may be invalid