Issue in selector of click activity

Hi all,
By data scrapping, data has been extracted from browser and some particular file name has to be extract and that has been extracted. That variable placed in aaname of click activity but its not clicking.
Getting error.

this is my selector editor.
Please help me, What changes I need to do.

Error on click activity.
Click ‘A /team/D9041Engine/Doc…’: Could not find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

Search failed at selector tag:

The closest matches found are:
From regex its extracting but not able to click that particular text.
Please help.


A selector can’t validate when you have a variable there, because it doesn’t have a value for the variable.

Use Ui Explorer and click the element. Show us the resulting selector including aaname and other properties.

Please look on it @postwick .

Ok so select aaname and then put your variable in there.

Don’t * out parentid. It’s a necessary part of the selector.

is this correct.

No. Put it back how it was, then click Save at the bottom right.

Then click your cursor into the selector field and copy/paste it into notepad. Then you’ll have it as a string inside double quotes which you can edit and then paste back into the activity’s properties.

Not clicking.

selector pdf_sfr is a variable.

The value in your variable is including the double quotes. Look in the Locals panel and at the error.

This results in a selector with aaname=‘“CE-…”’ rather than just aaname=‘CE-…’

The error is saying that the Variable is not available in the current scope.
Try opening the variable list (outlined in green) in the attached image, select the scope in the “pdf_str” variable and select a lower scope level to make it accessible to the selector of the activity.