Unable to Create Public Apps

I have been trying for a while now to publish a public app, and my efforts have not work. I have try creating new roles with all possible permissions.
I created this topic in the forum where it seems nobody have been able to provide clarity.

I wonder if there is a bug that is not letting somehow in community license organizations to create public apps.

Hopefully can provide some answers.

Thank you.

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Hi @Luis_Fernando

Please follow the steps from below thread.

Hope it helps!!

I have this problem too. I’m following along a tutorial and trying to create a public app that will read incoming arguments from the URL string. I cannot get it to work. How do you know this is a bug? Are they currently working on it? Does this mean that the Public App checkbox will be enabled for Community Edition? Do you have any idea as to when this bug will be fixed?

This was faced in some Community / Staging accounts.
We have pushed the fix and should be visible in some time

@Terry_Marr , Now we know the same. Let’s hope it gets solved soon. I’ll let you know If It works for me, and perghaps you could also let me know if sometime finally works for you.

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The issue is resolved for staging and community, if you are still facing issue let me know

Does it work for you now @Terry_Marr ?

No, I couldn’t get it to work. You?

@Terry_Marr Niether do i

We have resolved the issue for most orgs and some orgs remain,
For community licenses, max limit on public apps is 10, unfortunately, this includes deleted public apps as well.
Some users would not be able to create more public apps for same . The only workaround is to use another community license. For Production if you are facing this issue, please DM me and I would review internally with team

I’m facing the same issue on my production (Enterprise Licensed) Orchestrator, could you help with that? :slight_smile:

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For enterprise customers, could you confirm if you have purchased the App units bundle

If yes and still facing, could you please DM me your details