Unable to publish a Public App in UiPath Apps

Hello Community, Im trying to create a public app and after making some changes I´m unable to find out why is it that the Public app option is unable.

I checked out the documentation below where it says that I need the Organization Admin role, where I only find the Administrator mixed role and the Orchestrator Admin…

which I think are the correct ones per this table

What else do I need?


Do you have the required App Units available?

Ashok :slight_smile:

Im using community license in this case, and as I think that is only necessary with Enterprise


Yes, checked!


I have Pro Trial. I’m able to create public app.

Let’s see what other thinks about this. I will come back here if remembered something.

Could you share how do you have configured the roles and permssions for that user?

There was a defect which should be resolved in sometime


Hello @udit.chandna

Thank you, I figured it must be an internal problem. Please let me know when it is resolved.

The licensing issue is resolved for staging and community, let me know if still facing the issue

Hello @udit.chandna I´ve been not yet been able to make it work