Nothing is working in UiPath Apps

It was sort of an embarrassment today to come and showcase of my apps to a person in which I set the app to public but despite after publishing the app, when he came to open it, an error showed that prompted him to login. I tried the same on incognito and the same occurred. In a previous version of UiPath Apps, a URL would be generated that can be shared with anybody publicly but they stupidly removed it I don’t know why. And worst of all, all my bound references got deleted for unknown reason which made the situation even worse. Thank god I had a backup which I restored but I had lost a few activities I had worked on. I’m very frustrated by what the internal team has changed. Please test things properly before you change this and that, because you’re ruining apps that we spent so much time working on. I had to send the user an invite by email so that they could create an account on UiPath cloud which is totally unnecessary. And its still unclear how to make a user even have “Run only” mode without edit which I find perplexingly more complicated that it should be. And in a earlier version, I was able to easily choose the role of a user, whether to allow Edit and Run or Run only for a particular user. But not anymore. Yes please keep ruining our experience more and more. Whoever did those changes must be fired from the company.



The fine print clearly says that if the user does not have any role assigned in the tenant, then they should not be able to create any app or modify it.


And that’s my demo user. Quite contradicting. I haven’t given them any role, so how come they’re able to edit, create, and worse delete any existing app I’ve created?!

Hi Karl,

Thank you for taking the time to share this feedback, I regret not seeing this post sooner. There are several different items you’ve raised, so I’m going to do my best to address them individually.

Broken bindings

Toughest one first… In the beginning of July, we discovered a critical bug that impacted < 5% of developers over the course of 2 weeks which lead to spontaneous missing bindings. It’s important to note that deployed/production apps were not impacted by this issue, only apps opened in the designer (and only for certain users in certain browsers).

We take product issues like this very seriously. The last thing we want is for developers to lose their hard work or break their trust in the product. Upon discovery, we immedietly added an in-product notification to warn potentially impacted users, provide a workaround, and describe how to rollback if they had been impacted. Simultaniously, the team conducted an in-depth investigation to identify the root cause and roll out a fix. We regret this issue and have since added additional end-to-end testing to prevent edge cases like this in the future.

Public Apps

As a part of making public apps generally available this summer, the free preview became a paid feature for enterprise customers. Community and Trial accounts may continue to explore this feature for free, within reason. To limit disruption for enterprise preview participants, existing public apps where not disabled, but creating new public apps only becomes available with purchase.

App Deployment

In response to customer and community feedback like this we’ve made some changes to the way your apps are published and deployed. Consequently, the way you add a user as “run only” on an app is by adding them to the folder that the app is deployed in. You can learn more about this here: Deploying Apps.

I’m not certain what your exact issue was when you tried to showcase your app, but I’d be happy to connect to learn more. It sounds like it may have been a combination of this bug plus some of the product changes described above.

Hello Evan,

Thank you for the reply. First of all, this thread was a few months ago that I wrote. Many things have changed since then. App deployment has become like processes and public apps now require webhooks and other permission settings to be adjusted. Arvind_Kumar had demonstated how to publish an app publicly to users outside of an organization which can be found here: How to allow users outside of organization to use Entity service - #5 by private_matter - Apps - UiPath Community Forum

Moreover, the binding references issue was only a browser issue that happened with me in Chrome. It took around a week to figure out what was causing the deleted referenced which lead me to do multiple importations on the app back and forth which in turn caused some of my data to be partially deleted. But thankfully I had backups made previously. When I switched to Edge, the bindings errors did not appear. But as of currently, it also works on chrome as well so it was just a temporary issue. Anyways, I’m not focusing much on my web apps at the moment, more on my project in Studio. Cheers :slight_smile: