Unable to create new processes in 2023.6.0 version

I am unable to create new processes in UiPath Studio. Once the Process is created and it is trying to load all the dependencies, it throws the following error and comes back to the home page.
Any help is appreciated.
I am able to executed previously created processes. The problem surfaces whenever i try to create a new process. This is happening since June 29 2023.

One option would be to uninstall Studio and delete all files from these folders:


There might be some corruption in the packages that you need to clear before a clean


Please check this

Check fi the folders are locked or are changed to read only



Can you also try to create a new process at a different location. See if that makes a difference
You can chnage the while creation or from Home–>Settings–> Locations.

Also check, if this location is added in your sources. see screenshot for reference:


Thank you. I just restarted my system. It worked!

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Happy Automation.Glad it is resolved…