Access To The Path Is Denied

Resolution when access to the path 'C:\Users\xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\.nuget\packages\xxxxxxxxxx\xxx\xxxxxxxxxxx.tmp' is denied.

Root Cause: The package folder was renamed and hence the Robot is unable to download one of the custom package that was built internally.


  • Open the process in Studio and try to run it in Attended mode first.
  • If there are any errors related to the packages while upgrading/ doing any modification, go to 'repair dependencies' and publish the updated xaml again.

Also make sure that the Robot user has all the required access rights to the drive and folders. Grant the access rights as indicated below:
  1. Make sure that the Robot user has Read, Write and Modify permissions to the project / workflow folder.
  2. Grant full control to the robot user over the UiPath folder located in:
  • C:\ProgramData
  • C:\Users\%userprofile%\AppData\Local
And to the Packages folder located in:
  • C:\Users\%userprofile%\.nuget
  1. Do that by right click on the relevant folder > properties > security and add the required permissions to the relevant user, see picture below for clarification:

Hi , can anyone tell me how to run a package from cmd line ? In my office vdi I’m getting error “remoteexception wrapping system.unauthorizedaccessexception”.
Please help me with this