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So I just created a new UiPath profile and downloaded the Studio community edition on a new work device. However when I accessed my tenant profile on, my Orchestrator doesn’t have a Default folder, which means I have no way of adding new robots or the ability to create environments and add robots to them. Please let me know what I need to do as its been a couple months since I first created my initial UiPath account and I don’t remember if I had the same issue back then or how I might have fixed it. Thanks in advance for your help!


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Are you able to send us screenshot of your tenant main page?

Screenshot (2)

You might just have removed it, i dont think you need it anyway, also if you want, just create it…

But that doesn’t solve my problem. On my other personal Uipath account/Orchestrator that default folder has a robot and environment tab and manually creating a folder, even if its named default, doesnt give me those tabs; Without those tabs I cant really do much. Also I just tried publishing a package from Studio to Orchestrator and It didn’t show up on Orchestrator, but I see it on my UiPath Assistant. Not sure whats going on here

@michael.bachkabakian I informed proper team to check it.

This is probably a fairly new tenant. We have disabled creation of classic folders for new tenants. Only modern folders can be used. But you can create your robots here, do anything you did with the old folder and more:

See here the relevant release notes: Release Notes - February 2021



I am facing the same challenge. I recently created a new UIPath profile and using EnterpriseTrialLicense. I am facing following issues:-

  1. I am not seeing a folder called Default for my tenant, the one I am seeing is called Shared.
  2. I am not seeing any option to add unattended robot for in Orchestrator under my Tenant.

Can someone help/guide?


Hi @gghugtyal,
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Please check this post: Classic folder is missing - solution (New Orchestrator release)
There is no default folder anymore. Right now robot are part of the Modern Folders and configuration for them is possible by settings for your user.
Managing Robots

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