Unable to create a robot in Orchestrator 21.4.4

Hi Team,

I have provisioned a machine in the orchestrator but i am not getting option to create a robot. In the UiPath assistant, it says “connect unlicensed”


Hello @Inzmamul_Haq,

Kindly refer the below link and post. I hope this will help you.

[Connecting Robots to Orchestrator]

[Getting "Connected Unlicensed" with Uipath Assistant for new community orchestrator(no Default folder, having only shared folder)(Confusion in machine configuration)]

Thanks and happy automation…

Hi @Swetha_V,

I have followed the exact same steps, still it says connected unlicensed.

Okay, previously i also faced same, but that post helps me to resolve my issue. I don’t no why you are unable resolve it. can you share your Robots snip once for reference.

Same problem here, change this

if it’s gray and you can’t change it.

First put a 1 in “run Disconected hours” and save

and then it should let remove

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Issue is fixed. I was not logged into UiPath studio. When i logged in, it was connected and licensed