Unable to connect to IE

Hi all,

I am having issues with UiPath Communicating with IE. It works fine on my laptop but when I deployed the code on a users laptop. I see the error message
“Cannot communicate with IE”.

I am able to open the link manually on the users IE browser.

I tried giving packages the permissions needed. It somehow does not work

The IE version is 1909.

Did anyone face this issue and how did they resolve it

Check this:
Add the website as trusted sites.

We do not have permission to add any sites as trusted in IE.

I think everyone is able to add website in trusted websites in internet options. Check it with your admin.
If not, Match the version of IE in yoru system and your system’s

Try changing the communication method once in the properties panel.
Can get more info on below link

If this doesn’t work please check the that UiAutomation packages are of same version in the bot vdi and user’s vdi. Can do that by checking it in nuget folder present in users//documents folder in c drive.