Unable to Configure Orchestrator Settings on Agent Desktop Panel

Hi UiPath community, @loginerror, @ovi , @Abdul_Samad

Would need some advice on this problem which I am facing.


  • I have Trial UiPath Studio Standalone v2018.4 on my machine.
  • Recently, my organisation purchased UiPath Enterprise Suite, and I have installed UiPath Enterprise Robot Only (via. user mode) to my machine. Installation was successful.
  • However, at Agent Desktop Panel, I am unable to see any option / fields to configure “Orchestrator Settings” (see below picture).
  • My colleague, who did not have UiPath Studio Standalone v2018.4 on his machine, did not face this issue.

May I know why this issue is happening? Is it because UiPath does not support 2 version on same machine?

Thanks in advance and looking forward to your replies! :slight_smile:


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Hi @robot_learner
This is the issue with you have keep the studio as old and you have install robot on new version as the image this robot tray is new one and may not compatible with v2018.4 ,

If you wanna use new robot tray , you can update the studio or
you have to keep the relevant robot of v2018.4


It is because of version incompatibility between studio and robot service


@Maneesha_de_silva @sahilwadhwa100

Thanks. On same machine, Would Uipath work well while keeping 2 version during migration timeframe (4 weeks) for instant fallback ?

  1. Studio 2018.4 with pair robot Tray - “default folder” ref
  2. Studio 2019.10 with pair agentDesktop “Custom Folder” ref

is something conflict with program file WPF dll ( WCF channel ) ?

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This is not supported. There would be a conflict between the two robot services.



Thank you and noted… As upgrading and moving from service to user mode, Do we need to have precaution steps like cleanup of folders etc ?

I think the uninstaller should take care of that.

If I may ask though, why do you want to go with user mode? Historically, the user mode was introduced to allow for simpler installation of Community Edition. If you own the Enterprise installation, I would suggest sticking to the machine service instead.

@loginerror thanks.

house Requirement

  1. attended mode scenario.
  2. Gov sector. large-scale platform deployments (~100 bots Gov Agency)
  3. user mode does not have service. Our user does not have rights to invoke/restart any services.

Please correct me if i am wrong.

Service Mode Robot
The Service Mode Robot is best suited in unattended automation scenarios and large-scale platform deployments. When a process is executed, the Robot Executor runs with the same rights as the user under which it is registered.

User Mode Robot
The User Mode Robot is best suited in attended automation scenarios. It runs under the user that installed it, and has the exact rights as that particular user. The UiPath Assistant is automatically launched when a process is started.

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Thank you for clarification, you are correct. User mode will work in this situation just fine.

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