Unable to Clone a Repository

I just installed UiPath Studio and am trying to clone a repository. From the Team menu I clicked on Clone Repository. When the Clone a remote GIT repository dialog appears, I entered the URL for the GIT repository of the automation. I left the default folder for the Check out directory and I clicked the Use Credentials checkbox.

We are using Azure DevOps Repos so I clicked on the Clone button of the Repository I want to download to UiPath Studio. I copied the url to the Repository URL in UiPath Studio. I clicked on the Generate Git Credentials and entered the generated credentials in UiPath Studio.

I click Open and get the following error:

When I click on the Open Logs link, I get a list of log files but none of them have a date/time stamp of when the error is generated so I’m not sure which log file I should be looking at.

Any help is greatly appreciated!